Macintosh SE and SE/30 analogboard recreation (630-0147-C)

This board is a replacement board for SE and SE/30 analogboard. Transfer the parts from the genuine board and enjoy your new board!

Optically almost identical to the original. The difference is that there are parts that have been redesigned using the current parts.

When purchasing, I assume that you have knowledge and experience with soldering similar boards.

Note 1: I do not take any responsibility for failure of equipment, injury, death or fire.
Note 2: The photo of all parts soldered is indicative. The board you receive is WITHOUT parts.
Note 3: Other colors (Purple, Red, Yellow, Black) are available on request (addition of+35€. Please allow 3 weeks for ordering in other colors of plates. Contact me for more information)

Full BOM: SE_analogboard_BOM


Additional information






820-0206-C 630-0147-C

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