Macintosh 128k/512k/Plus analog board recreation (630-0108-C)


This board can replace any revision 630-0108 (A/B/C) board.
This INTERNATIONAL board can be configured for both 110V as 240V.
I did not test the 110V setup. The 110V setup likely need component changes and has no documentation (yet).

When purchasing, I assume that you have knowledge and experience with soldering similar boards.

Note 1: I do not take any responsibility for failure of equipment, injury, death or fire.
Note 2: Other colors (Purple, Red, Yellow, Black) are available on request (addition of+35€. Please allow 3 weeks for ordering in other colors of boards. Contact me for more information)

Available on backorder




This is a BOM for the 820-0107-D INTERNATIONAL board in 240V setup.
*Although I have done my utmost to ensure an accurate list, I cannot rule out that there are errors in the BOM. Use at your own risk

ID Value Comment
B1 Battery socket
C1 3.9/25V BP Replacement: Panasonic ECQ-E1395JFW
C2 4700/16V 4700uF 16V
C3 220/16V 220uF 16V
C4 0.033uF 400V ceramic disk
C5 47/10V 47uF 10V
C6 22/50V 22uF 50V
C7 0.01uF 1kV ceramic disk
C8 0.01uF 1kV caramic disk
C9 0.22uF 100V ceramic disk
C10 33/16V 33uF 16V
C11 10/160V 10uF 160V
C12 22/50V 22uF 50V
C13 0.01uF 1.5kV ceramic disk
C14 0.01uF 1.5kV ceramic disk
C15 0.01uF 1.5kV ceramic disk
C16 0.01uF 400V film
C17 0.01uF 400V film
C18 33/16V 33uF 16V
C19 0.1uF 0.1uF ceramic axial
C20 0.1uF ceramic axial
C21 0.01uF 400V film
C22 0.1uF 100V film
C23 0.1uF 0.1uF ceramic axial
C24 2200/16V 2200uF 16V
C25 0.022uF 400V film
C26 0.1uF 0.1uF caramic axial
C27 2200/10V 2200uF 10V
C28 1000/16V 1000uF 16V
C29 0.47uF 400V
C30 2200/10V 2200uF 10V
C31 220/16V 220uF 16V
C32 2200/16V 2200uF 16V
C33 4.7nF 4700pf 250V minibox
C34 100/200V 100uF 200V
C35 100/200V 100uF 200V
C36 4.7nF 4700pf 250V minibox
C37 0.47uF/250V X2 0.47uF 250V X2 minibox
C38 100/200V 100uF 200V
C39 100/200V 100uF 200V
C40 33pf 1kV
C41 0.1uF 100V film
C42 470/10V 470uF 10V
C43 0.01uF 400V film
C44 0.01uF 1kV ceramic disk
C45 470/10V 470uF 10V
C46 0.1uF 0.1uF ceramic axial
CR1 MR824 GI854/MR824
CR2 1N4150
CR3 1N4150
CR4 1N4150
CR5 MR824 GI854/MR824
CR6 1N4150
CR7 1N4150
CR8 1N4001
CR9 1N4007
CR10 1N4937
CR11 RGP02 RGP02-12
CR12 1N4150
CR13 1N4150
CR14 1N4150
CR15 1N5234B
CR16 1N4001
CR17 1N5234B
CR18 1N5234B
CR19 1N4001
CR20 MBR1045 MBR1035 / MBR1045
CR21 MBR1045 MBR1035 / MBR1045 / MBR360
CR22 1N4007
CR23 1N4007
CR24 1N4007
CR25 1N4007
CR26 1N4934
CR27 1N4001
CR28 1N4937
CR29 1N4937
CR30 1N4007
CR31 1N4007
F1 1.6A T
J1 15-31-1046
J2 26-60-4090
J3 Speaker
J4 26-60-4110
J5 250V C14 socket
L1 27uH coil
L2 10-50uH variable coil
L3 Linerarity coil (Apple custom)
L4 27uH axial
L5 27uH axial
L6 27uH coil
L7 ??
L8 27uH coil
L9 27uH coil
L10 27uH coil
LF1 Linefilter
LF2 Linefilter
Q2 BU406
Q3 2N4401
Q5 2N5485
Q6 2N4401
Q7 2N3904
Q8 2N6394 2N6394 / 2N6395
Q9 2N3906
Q10 C3152 2SC 3152
Q11 2N3906
Q12 CR400Y CR400Y / BR103 reversed
R1 220 1/4W
R2 1.5 1/4W
R3 1.5 1/4W
R4 100 1/4W
R5 470K 1/4W
R6 4.7K 1/4W
R7 100 1/4W
R8 10K 1/4W
R9 1.5 1/4W
R10 39/5W 5W Cement
R11 100 1/4W
R12 1M 1/2W
R13 100K 1/2W
R14 1K 1/4W
R15 346K 1% 1/4W
R16 470 1/4W
R17 10K 1/4W
R18 100 1/4W
R19 100K 1/2W
R20 100K 1/2W
R21 1M 1/2W
R22 100K 1/2W
R23 470K 1/4W
R24 220 1/4W
R25 10K 1/4W
R26 1M 1/4W
R27 10K 1/4W
R28 4.7K 1/4W
R29 470 1/4W
R30 470 1/4W
R31 1K/2W 2W metaloxide
R32 220 1/4W
R33 1K 1/4W
R34 1K 1/4W
R35 1K 1% 1/4W
R36 16 4A-ICL thermistor NTC
R37 390 1/4W
R38 10K 1/4W
R39 1.2K 1% 1/4W
R40 47 1/4W
R41 100 1/4W
R42 1K 1/4W
R43 100K 1/2W
R44 100K 1/2W
R45 390 1/4W
R46 4.7 1/4W
R47 1K 1/4W
R48 39/2W 1W metaloxide
R49 1.5 1/4W
R50 2.2K 1/4W
R51 220 1/4W
R52 1K/5W Cement
R53 1.2 1/4W
R54 15 1/4W
R55 33K 1/2W
R56 2M PT15LV17-200
R57 2M PT15LV17-200
R58 500K Potentio
R59 500 Potentio
R60 1M Potentio
R61 470K 1/2W
R62 100 1/4W
T1 Apple custom Flyback
T2 Apple custom transformer
T3 820-0107-D
U1 LM324
U2 LS38
U3 4N35 4N35 or CNY17
W1 0 Jumperwire
W2 0 Jumperwire
W3 0 Jumperwire
W4 0 Jumperwire
W5 0 Jumperwire
W6 0 Jumperwire
W7 0 Jumperwire
W8 0 Jumperwire
W9 0 Jumperwire
W10 0 Jumperwire
W11 0 Jumperwire
W13 0 Jumperwire

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