Macintosh Classic II Analogboard recreation (630-0525)


This is a 1-1 reproduction of the Classic II analog board 820-0525-A / 630-0525, “late” revision.
This INTERNATIONAL board can be configured for both 110V as 240V.
I did not test the 110V setup. The 110V setup likely need component changes and has no documentation (yet).

When purchasing, I assume that you have knowledge and experience with soldering similar boards.

Note 1: I do not take any responsibility for failure of equipment, injury, death or fire.
Note 2: Other colors (Purple, Red, Yellow, Black) are available on request (addition of+35€. Please allow 3 weeks for ordering in other colors of boards. Contact me for more information)

Available on backorder




This is a BOM for the 820-0525-A / 630-0525, “late” revision board. Although I have done my utmost to ensure an accurate list, I cannot rule out that there are errors in the BOM. Use at your own risk

Ref Part/Value Comment
BD1 Phoenix 1933215
BP1 250V Euro connector
BP2 MOLEX 39281043
BP3 KF2510 2P
CF1 47uF/25V UVZ1E470MDD1TA
CF2 220uF/16V URS1C221MPD1TA
CF3 1000uF/16 UVR1E102MPD
CF4 470uF/25V UVZ1E471MPD
CF5 220nF 63V MKT (5%)
CF6 100nF 63V MKT (5%)
CF7 180nF 63V MKT (5%)
CF8 330pF (331)
CL1 1000uF/25V UVR1E102MPD
CL2 4.7uF/250V UPS2E4R7MPD1TD
CL3 1uF/50V UVZ1H010MDD1TA
CL5 0.01uF/2KV (103Z)
CL6 0.028uF 400V
CL7 0.1uF 5% 100V MKT
CL8 0.0022uF (222J)
CL9 470pF (471)
CL10 1.4uF placed 3.9uF on schematic
CL11 47uF/16V UVZ1E470MDD1TA
CP1 220uF/250V UVZ2E221MRD
CP2 470uF/50V UPW1H471MHD
CP3 10uF/25V UVZ1E100MDD1TA
CP4 47uF/25V UVZ1E470MDD1TA
CP5 1uF/50V UVZ1H010MDD1TA
CP6 2200uF/10V UVZ1C222MHD
CP7 1000uF/10V UVR1E102MPD
CP8 2200uF/16V UVZ1C222MHD
CP9 470uF/25V UVZ1E471MPD
CP10 470uF/25V UVZ1E471MPD
CP11 220uF/50V UHE1H221MPD
CP12 1000uF/16v UVR1E102MPD
CP13 0 Ohm jumperwire
CP15 0.0047uF Axial 4n7 F160 Philips
CP16 0.22UF 250V (XE224)
CP17 0.22uF MKT 63V (5%)
CP18 0.033uF 630V 3%
CP19 10nF 250V
CP20 0.001uF (102)
CP21 0.0018uF
CP22 3.3nF
CP23 270pF/2KV (271J)
CP24 0.1uF 5% 100V MKT
CP25 0.22uF 63V MKT
CP26 0.22uF (223Z)
CP27 0.22uF 63V MKT
CP28 0.1uF 5% 100V MKT (XE104)
CP29 0.0033uF (3300nF) 250V
CP30 0.0033uF (3300nF) 250V
CP34 1uF/50V UVZ1H010MDD1TA
CP36 2200uF/10V UVZ1C222MHD
CP37 1uF/50V UVZ1H010MDD1TA
CP38 10nF 250V
CP39 470pF/1KV
CP40 0.022 (223Z)
CV1 47pF
CV2 470uF/10V UPJ1A471MPD6
DF1 1N4001
DF2 1N4148
DL1 1N4937
DL3 2x RGP02-12 in serie
DL4 BYT01-300
DL5 BYV26B 400V
DL7 1N4148
DL8 1N4148
DL9 1N4148
DL10 1N4001
DL11 1N4148
DP3 1N4148
DP4 1N4148
DP5 BYT03-300
DP6 MR1045 Coolrib 8022BG-ND
DP13 1N4002
DP14 LM431
FP1 Fuse clips 01000020Z / T3.15A
IF1 TEA2037
IP1 TDA4605
IP2 LM317T
IP3 79L12
J1 Jumperwire
J2 Jumperwire
J3 Jumperwire
J4 Jumperwire
J5 Jumperwire
J6 Jumperwire
J7 Jumperwire
J8 Jumperwire
J9 Jumperwire
J10 Jumperwire
J11 Jumperwire
J12 Jumperwire
J13 Jumperwire
J14 Jumperwire
J15 Jumperwire
JP1 110V Only
LL1 Apple custom coil
LP2 Apple custom coil
LP3 ELF656V 27.0mH 1A
LP4 Apple custom coil
LP5 Apple custom coil
LP7 100UH
PF1 100 / PT10LH01-101 Vertical Size potentiometer
PF2 2K2 / PT10LH01-222A Vertical Centering adjustment
PL1 2M2 Focus adjustment
PL2 2M2 Cut-Off adjustment
PL3 2K7 / PT10LH01-272A H. Center adjustment
PL4 68K / PT10MH02-683A Brightness range adjustment
PP1 220 / PT10LV10-221A Voltage adjustment
PP2 2K2 / PT10LH01-222A Size adjustment
QL1 BF421
QL2 IRF740
QL3 BC548B
QL4 BC548B
QL5 BF420
QL6 BC558
QP3 BC548B
QP5 BC558B
QP6 BC547B
QV1 BC558
RF1 820K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF2 2K 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RF3 1K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF4 330K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF5 470K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF6 1.8 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RF7 3.3 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RF8 82K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF9 330 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF10 560 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RF11 5.6K 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RF12 270 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RF13 0.47 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL1 220 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RL2 1 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL4 360K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL5 4.7K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL6 1K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL7 1K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL8 470 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL10 22 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL11 1M 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RL12 470K 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RL13 1.5M 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RL14 3.3M 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RL15 150K 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RL16 43K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL18 820 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL19 68K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL20 22 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL23 2.2K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL24 1.8K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL25 100K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL26 4.7K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RL27 68 1/4W Resistor Metalfilm
RL28 Jumperwire
RL29 330 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP1 22K 3W Resistor Metalfilm
RP2 20 COLD NTC NTC Resistor
RP3 6.8K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP4 200 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP5 100 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RP6 4.7K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP7 10K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP8 5.1K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP9 220 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP10 10K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP13 1M 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RP14 220K 3W Resistor Metalfilm
RP15 7.5K 3W Resistor Metalfilm
RP17 3.9K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP18 480K 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RP23 470 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP24 560 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP27 20K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP28 47 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP30 7.5K 3W Resistor Metalfilm
RP32 1K 1/4W Resistor Metalfilm
RP33 4.7K 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RP34 1K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP35 100 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP36 220 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP37 2K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP38 100 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP40 220 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RP41 2K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP42 10K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP43 30K 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RP44 22K 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RP46 470K 1W Resistor Metalfilm
RP47 10 1/4W Resistor Carbon
RP48 47 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RV1 220 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RV2 330 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RV3 220 1/6W Resistor Carbon
RV4 330 1/4W Resistor Carbon
SS1 57MM Speaker 63Ohm speaker
ZL1 157-0129 Flyback transformer
ZP1 157-0130 Transformer

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