Macintosh II and SE/30 Switchable 8MB ROM


This 64pin ROM SIMM replaces the ROM SIMM of a Macintosh II-series or Macintosh SE/30 computer.

It comes preprogrammed with a standard ROM image AND a customized image, 32-bit clean Macintosh ROM. The customized ROM allows your Macintosh to use more than 8MB of RAM and features a bootable ROM disk preloaded with System 7.1 and several utilities.


The ROM is compatible with the following Macintosh computers:

  • Macintosh SE/30
  • Macintosh IIx
  • Macintosh IIcx
  • Macintosh IIci
  • Macintosh IIsi
  • Macintosh IIfx

Fast Startup

It takes about 10 seconds to boot from the included ROM-based System 7.1, so you can begin working with programs or playing games almost instantly.

ROM Disk Settings

A control panel allows your preferences for the built-in ROM disk to be changed. You can boot from the ROM disk, mount it under another boot disk, or hide it from the desktop completely. Of course, you can always press “R” during startup to boot from ROM independent of your saved preferences. It’s also possible to enable RAM disk mode, which allows writing data to the ROM disk, although data stored is not retained between restarts. The RAM disk is enabled by pressing “A” during startup, or by enabling the corresponding setting in the control panel.

Dual ROM Images

In addition to the customized ROM with the System 7.1 ROM disk, the ROM also includes an unmodified SE/30 ROM image. The desired ROM image can be selected using the DIP switch in the upper right corner of the board. ‘ON’ is the custom ROM image, ‘1’ is the original ROM image.


* Resedit
* Teachtext
* HexEdit
* Lido
* PMount
* Disk Copy
* Disk First Aid
* ResPath
* Systempicker
* FileTyper
* View Picture
* sitPack
* DoBinHec
* Md5F1
* ADB Renewer
* Stuffit Expander
* Superclock
* Wish I Were
* MacsBug
* Apple CD-ROM driver

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