AirTalk DIY-kit


This kit contains:

  • 1x Mainboard (unprogrammed)
  • 1x PIC12 (unprogrammed)
  • 1x Top Lid
  • 1x Bottom Lid
  • 1x Screw-set
  • 1x Standoff-set
  • 1x Power ADB cable
  • 1x  DIN8 connector (Currently pre-soldered!)
  • 2x  DIN4 connector (Currently pre-soldered!)
  • 1x 3.5″ Airtalk Software on Floppydisk (HD 1.4MB floppydisk, one per order)

This are all the parts you need for building your own!
Documentation can be found on

WARNING: This kit requires soldering skills and specific programming devices (link).

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